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Nikki Tapper –  a familiar voice to many, best known for presenting on BBC Radio West Midlands for over 20 years.

Now Nikki is offering the opportunity for you and your teams to benefit from her successful years of Broadcasting, Presenting, Hosting, Teaching and Management Development, to become the best in your industry.

Her unique style and passion will show how you can be the best in:

Public Speaking
Broadcasting styles



Did you know that public speaking is in the top 10 of our greatest fears? If you want to know how to command the room and ensure that you hold your audience, then my training course is just for you.
Public Speaking -Presentation skills.


We know how difficult it can be to present yourself or your services in the best possible light. Do you know how to ask those questions that will illicit the most productive response? If you want to know how best to sell yourself and get the right answers then book now!


Podcasting is the new media currency. How do you take advantage of that? Want to learn to podcast or produce your own? Want to grab the listeners’ attention?


Chairing a meeting, teaching, coaching and enabling people to work in a way that suits them so that they are at their optimum best, this is the role of a facilitator. Is that you? Do you want to learn how to facilitate meetings? Want to create your own empowered team? Do you need to improve your /leadership and management skills?


Alongside her professional and abilities, which are based on experience and comprehensive understanding of her own specialist area and the broader industry landscape, Nikki also brings bags and bags of charm and personality to her work. She is effervescent, energetic and entertaining.
Ellena Stojanovic
Programme Manager, Production Schemes & Creative Access (Production)
Nikki Tapper is an experienced presenter with BBC Radio WM and one of the reasons she delivers radio training modules to the Production Apprentices who are at the start of their broadcast career within the BBC. Her passion for sound and the art of storytelling, making it relatable, simple and able to connect to its audiences is paramount.
Affie Jeerh
Senior Advisor Production schemes - BBC Future Talent
I have know Nikki for a number of years both in a professional and personal capacity. Nikki’s vibrancy and her passion for what she does best is infectious. Without a doubt she is one of the funniest and sincerest people I know. Her ability to engage a crowd, large a small is a natural ability that cannot be learnt, in my opinion she was born with her talents. Nikki is adaptable, flexible and can work with groups from across the spectrum. She can work a crowd like no other and will leave you feeling uplifted, special and valued. Long may she entertain, enthuse and engage audiences.
Madge Milligan-Green
CEO - Bethel Health and Healing Network
Nikki is an outstanding communicator, able to entertain and engage audiences, hosting small and large events with ease and aplomb. Her passion for her work is always evident. Nikki is always stylish and stunningly turned out, the consummate professional.
Carol Pemberton MBE
Managing Director of Black Voices Ltd
I have the pleasure of partnering with Nikki for a number of my education projects which focus on building confidence, resilience and self belief. Nikki brings a unique dynamic and diverse skill set to any project. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her desire to find the best possible solution is unquestionable and explored collaboratively. Nikki works from concept to execution and creates bespoke programmes which is essential to compete in the current marketplace.
Alison Delaney
CEO & Founder of Little Bird

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